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Stuffed Fables is a cooperative adventure game for the entire family. Take on the role of the brave stuffed toys sworn to protect a child from the monsters under her bed. With teamwork, courage, compassion, and a sprinkle of luck, the team of stuffed animals will embark on an incredible adventure through numerous interactive stories.

-An exciting narrative adventure game in a daunting world of nightmares

-Each player takes on the role of a stuffed toy sworn to protect the little girl that loves them

-All of the action takes across the pages of the unique storybook that acts as your rules reference, story guide, and game board

-Roll and assign color-coded dice to perform a wide variety of actions, from daring melee attacks to desperate leaps across chasms

  • Language : English
  • Age : 7+
  • Time : 60-120 min
  • Number of players : 2-4


SKU: 640043D
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