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Enjoy some tasty treats with our lovely office dog Nora! Nora the border terrier is the perfect pick-me-up for all of us here at Gibsons, we hope this delightful puzzle of her does the same for you. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle was beautifully illustrated by Ana Hard. Puzzle dimensions: 68x49cm Fun Facts about Nora: 1. She has two little guinea pig buddies - Lemon Drizzle and Teddy. 2. Running zoomies around the common is her favourite activity and the more dog friends join in the better. 3. She loves to big herself up and see off a squirrel and dreams that one day she might actually catch up with one ( although it's unlikely...) 4. Small dog, big heart. She pretends she is a fierce guard dog and barks if she hears someone approach the house, but this is quickly replaced with licks and a waggy tail. 5. She has many nicknames, too many to list. 6. Her favourites treats are cheese and tuna.


SKU: P955071
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