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A picture is worth a thousand... pieces?! New products make their debut in the Dixit universe: the Dixit puzzle collection. This puzzle line is both a thank you for all the Dixit lovers, featuring the art of Marie Cardouat (the original artist of Dixit base game and the Dixit Quest expansion) and Marina Coudray (Dixit Revelations expansion) and a new gateway product present the beautiful world of Dixit to new audiences. Enjoy the colours and the magic of existing Dixit Cards in a beautiful puzzle format This collection includes six 500-piece puzzles and eight 1000-piece puzzles Sizes of puzzles: 500-piece puzzles (340 x 480 mm) / 1000-piece puzzles (480 x 680 mm) Each puzzle includes 1 new exclusive Dixit card, compatible with all Dixit products High quality puzzles in multilingual boxes.


SKU: C404427
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